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Need your help! [10 May 2012|10:23am]


Hello fellow Snow Patrol fans!!! I'm posting here because I need your help for a once in a lifetime chance to see Snow Patrol at Bushmills Live!, a 2 day music festival staged in the 300 year old Bushmills Whiskey distillery in Northern Ireland! Pretty please go to Facebook.com/BushmillsUSA, click the first post to go to the contest for Bushmills Live and VOTE for CASSIE & JESS from the USA!

If we win, you can experience it all with us when we set up an extensive photoblog of our amazing trip! Wanna see what this contest-winners-exclusive experience will be like? Only way to do it is to VOTE FOR CASSIE & JESS!

<3 We truly appreciate any and all support!
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Gary icons [25 Feb 2011|01:36am]


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Snow Patrol icons [04 Jul 2010|07:36pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

I've created some Snow Patrol icons today and thought I might share them on here. I hope you'll like them! :)

[40] Snow Patrol


More here!

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[24 Jun 2010|10:13am]

Gary and SP icons.

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Snow Patrol Copenhagen Denmark - Pictures and Videos [12 Jun 2010|08:12pm]


For more picture and videos go to my journal [info]xlovetodayx =D
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